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Food for Thought

When people enjoy our delicious treats with your brand printed on it, they will have a positive memory of your brand! Why?

1 - Food is one of only two natural stimuli known to produce dopamine, a neurotransmitter similar to adrenaline. When food is to be consumed, dopamine is released in the brain causing a surge of happiness and joy. Dopamine also activates the memory cells during this time so that we can remember the experience.

2 - We not only remember the pleasure from food, but we also remember the sensation of pleasure itself and the cues (i.e. your logo/photo imprint) or behaviors (i.e. meeting the sales person who brought the treat) that preceded it. (The Science of Happiness, p88-90) When the cycle is repeated (i.e. thru a monthly cookie program), the memory becomes stronger and stronger. (Scientific American, 9/07).