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The Original Paperless Logo Cookie Bakery | Freedom Bakery

Create More Than An Impression, Create A Memory

Food, especially delicious baked goods, out shine and last the memorability of any typical corporate gift and promotion because like few others it activates all five of the senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, and if it is our shortbread, sound. While we could point you to scientific studies, undoubtedly you already have examples from your own life where food remains a memory signpost.

Placing your logo or photo on a Freedom Bakery Favor or message inside our gift boxes creates a customer memory that transcends any tradeshow or conference. When you want to promote your company or event. We like to say that long after a pen or thumb-drive is lost, your customers will still remember the sweet taste and smell of a gift with your name on it.

Freedom Bakery Logo Cookie Products

Why Work With Freedom Bakery

Freedom Bakery Logo Cookie

Our Direct Print Process –  Freedom Bakery is not only a pioneer of logo and photo cookies we pioneered direct printing of logo cookies. Directly printing on cookies results in custom cookies that have a clean buttery taste and your brand associated with a flood of positive sensations with each bite. The alternate method used by most cookie and promotional products companies is to print your logo on edible paper or transfers and then apply it to cookies, its preferred because it requires a minimum understanding of baking and it’s less expensive to produce, however it is slower and results in a cookie that has a starchy aftertaste.

On Premise Baking – We are three generation of bakers, our mixers and ovens are in operation seven days a week and our business offices look out on ovens, mixers and baking racks. We all go home smelling of browned butter and baked goodness, not toner and packing tape. We are honored to say over four million corporate logos and images have been promoted on our delicious shortbread cookies.

Quick Turn Around – Most custom orders of 1,000 or less cookies ship within four days, and we have been known to ship 10,000+ cookies within a week.  If you have an “emergency” don’t hesitate to call, we have saved-the-day for innumerable last minute promotional events.

Freedom Bakery Logo Cookie Gifts

Custom Fulfillment – In addition to drop and split shipping, we offer custom card printing and inclusion at the favor and package level, 3rd party product inclusion, and brand matched packaging

Custom Programs – We have built customer loyalty, franchisee and dealership programs, as well as sales aftercare and employee appreciation programs for regional and Fortune 500 companies. We can help you create an unforgettable experience.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – You do not last forty-plus years as a bakery if your wares do not put a smile on your customers’ faces.  Our custom logo favors have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Send us your logo and let us put a smile on yours.

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Committed to Excellence

Accurate Brand Colors – Whether you are working in Pantone® or hexadecimal values, all images, designs and logos are printed true to color, clean and sharp, with full edge to edge capability; we are attentive to the strictest branding style guide.

Pride in Craft – A commitment to quality and craftsmanship that comes with two generations of family ownership and baking. Since 1976, Freedom Bakery has remained committed to delighting commercial and retail customers by refusing to compromise on ingredients and taste. Consistently, customers share that their clients remember the brand because they had a positive experience with eating the cookies and look forward to receiving more. With customers that have ordered logo cookies elsewhere, they are consistently surprised and excited to learn they can now send logo cookies from Freedom Bakery that truly represents their own high standards.

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