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Original Paperless Logo Cookie Bakery. Over 4 MILLION Cookies Sold.

When you want to promote your company or event, few business gifts or favors are as memorable as mouth-watering delicious cookies or baked goods. We like to say that long after a pen or thumb-drive is lost, your customers will still remember the sweet taste and smell of a gift with your name on it.

PIONEERS OF LOGO COOKIES - Freedom Bakery pioneered direct print on logo cookies. Over three million corporate logos and images have been promoted on our delicious shortbread cookies. Unlike other cookie and promotional products companies, we do all our baking on premise, never use transfers, and guarantee safe delivery. No starchy aftertaste and no chance of your brand or image peeling. This commitment results in custom cookies that have a clean buttery taste and your brand associated with a flood of positive sensations with each bite.

FAMILY & SECOND GENERATION OWNED - Since 1976, Freedom Bakery has stayed true to offering quality product and service. Consistently, customers share that their clients remember the brand because they had a positive experience with eating the cookies and look forward to receiving more. With customers that have ordered logo cookies elsewhere, they are consistently surprised and excited to know that they can now send logo cookies from Freedom Bakery that truly represents their own high standards.

EXPERIENCED TEAM - Freedom Bakery’s proprietary machine results in precision unlike any other. All images, designs and logos are printed true to color, clean and sharp, with full edge to edge capability; attentive to the strictest branding style guide. If you are looking for the best and fast turn-around, most orders of 3,000 or less can ship within four days and we are even experienced to ship 10,000+ cookies.

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Food for Thought on how the cookie experience changes how your brand is remembered!