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Freedom Bakery & Confections is proud to be Certified By Here Comes The Guide.  The Guide contacted 30 to 40 industry professionals & brides we’ve worked with recently and asked for their feedback on our products & services.  This was their COMPLETE & UNEDITED findings as provided by Jenna Miller from Here Comes The Guide.

Common Threads Among Clients:

1)  The brides were extremely pleased with Freedom Bakery’s service. Paul and Anna were great to work with, super accommodating, and extremely responsive and easy to reach. They always offered honest expert advice and suggestions for enhancement. The brides also appreciated their efforts to work within their budgets—even if they were tight!

2)  Paul spent a lot of time with the brides and grooms to ensure everything about their cakes was just right. They said, “Paul really knows the art and he works with you on your ideas and favorite pictures.” They appreciated that Paul loves a challenge and will try to create just about anything you can imagine!

3)  One of the main reasons the brides hired Freedom Bakery was because their cakes (including frosting) were absolutely delicious. One bride admits, “Freedom Bakery was really our only choice because of how great the cake tasted.” I heard raves about multiple flavors—from cookies & cream to carrot cake to red velvet.

4)  All of the brides say their cakes were delivered on time and in perfect condition.

5)  Their guests raved about how good the cakes were too! And some said the cakes tasted better than all other wedding cakes they’d had.

6)  The brides were so impressed that Freedom Bakery produced cakes that tasted as good as they looked! One bride raves, “Most wedding cake places are just artists turned bakers and they do not know how to use buttercream or create a truly delicious cake. Freedom Bakery did both!”

7)  Many of the brides describe their experience with Freedom Bakery as “perfect.” All of them highly recommend Freedom Bakery for inclusion in Here Comes The Guide.

Client Criticism:

1)   Their location is a little difficult to find.”

Common Threads Among Professionals:

1)  The event pros say Paul and Anna are simply amazing. Professional, kind, friendly, and so easy to work with. They are very responsive and always get back to their fellow vendors in a timely manner. They are also extremely efficient and have been able to help out other vendors in a pinch. They are team players and go above and beyond to accommodate needs and ensure a smooth setup.

2)  The pros say Freedom Bakery’s cakes are great, with fresh flavor and always moist. They are always consistently beautifully designed according to the bride’s exact wishes and specifications.

3)  The pros say Paul makes neat custom designs and can do darn near anything. Many of the pros mentioned their special process of placing a picture on the cookie or cake, which is completely unique. They say these custom desserts make great favors!

4)  The pros say all of their mutual clients have been more than happy with not only Freedom Bakery’s cakes, but also with the experience of working with them. One event pro sums this up, “I feel every client’s experience with Freedom is not only memorable, but also very positive, which is so great!” It is apparent that Freedom Bakery truly cares about what the customer wants.

5)  The event pros say they recommend Freedom Bakery to everyone they know and even use them for their own personal events. A few mentioned that they plan on hiring Freedom for their own weddings!

6)  All of the event pros recommended Freedom Bakery for inclusion in Here Comes The Guide.

Professional Criticism:

1)  “I just wish they had another location closer to my customer base.”

2)  “Open a second store closer to my hotel!”

3)  “The only thing I would suggest—and this is because I like working with the same person from start to finish—is to keep the brides’ main contact consistent. They usually start with Anna, but once the sale is made, they get passed along to Paul. It might be a bit disconcerting to a bride who is expecting to work with a particular person through the whole process. They may want to include Paul in the beginning stages of the process, so that they are familiar with their contacts the whole way through.”